How to find your girlfriend’s ring size (without her knowing)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Engagement RingCongratulations! You’ve finally made the decision to pop that all-important question. You’ve planned the scenario countless times in your mind. You’ve chosen the perfect location, you’ve written out what you are going to say, and have practiced – more than once – dropping to one knee. Everything has to be perfect. But wait! What if the ring doesn’t fit? In this blog we’ll give you some ideas on how to make sure that the ring fits at that magic moment.

 The Jewelry Heist. The trick to getting away with this is selecting a ring that she won’t notice missing. You don’t want to tip her off by borrowing a ring that she wears on a regular basis and you definitely don’t want her calling the police to report a robbery! You also need to make sure that it is a ring that she wears on the same finger that her future engagement ring will rest upon. Since you are looking for a ring that she doesn’t normally wear, this method can be particularly tricky since you may have never seen her wear the ring. If you do find a good ring that the jewel can size, make sure you get the ring right back into her jewelry box before you are trying to explain to a police officer why you “stole” her ring!

The Circle of Trust. If your girl keeps a close watch on her jewelry, take a piece of paper and a pencil or pen with you the next time you visit her jewelry box. Select a ring that she normally wears on her ring finger and trace the inside circumference of the ring onto the piece of paper. A jeweler can place a ring-sizer against the circle and get a pretty good idea of your girlfriend’s ring size.

The Bait and Switch. Got a birthday, Christmas, or other major gift-giving event coming up? Tell her that you would like to buy her a sentimental gift of jewelry and you would like her to accompany you to the jewelry store so you get something she will really like. As you look at the necklaces, bracelets, and broaches, don’t forget to have her try a few rings on her ring finger! Worst case scenario, you end up buying her a nice gift before asking the big question later (win/win!)

The Amateur Jeweler. You can easily order a ring-sizing tool online. Simply buy a ring-sizer and sneak into your girlfriend’s room to size her jewelry. You can find ring sizers at web sites ranging from to for as little as $10.

Friends & Family Plan. If all else fails, you might consider asking a trusted friend or family member to find out her ring size. Beware: Unless you can truly trust them to keep their mouth shut, your surprise will be spoiled. Nothing will get your girlfriend’s closest family and friends sharing secrets more than talk of a wedding!

The Punt. OK, so you can’t get close enough to her jewelry because she guards it like a hawk! You still want to buy the perfect engagement ring but you understand that getting the right ring size is a long shot. Keep this in mind when purchasing your ring: bigger is always better. It is much easier for a jeweler to make a ring smaller than larger. Make the best guess on her ring size and increase that number by at least one full size just to be on the safe side.

At Stafford’s Jewelers, we encounter this issue every day. We have a family of jewelers who can help you determine the perfect ring for your engagement. Call on us as your engagement ring specialists. You probably won’t want us there when you pop the big question, but we look forward to making it the most perfect moment that she will remember for a lifetime. Call us at (937) 436-2852 or visit our showroom at 2555 State Route 725, just across from the Dayton Mall.